In August the Motor Industry Ombudsman ruled that the cost of the repairs must be split three ways between the General Motors, Williams Hunt and myself. The reason that I had to foot a third was because I had taken the vehicle to a non-approved workshop (even though this business is a member of the RMI (Retail Motor Industry).  If I had not done this I would have NEVER discovered that the catalytic converter was missing.  This aspect of the ruling was unfair in my opinion.

An independent assessor evaluated the vehicle and ruled that the cylinder head did not require an overhaul (as was quoted by the dealer/ factory) and that the oil and water pumps did not require replacement.

Parts were ordered, the vehicle was repaired and was returned to me on 19October 2010 at a cost of R17500.00.  I immediately requested one of the sales people to quote me on a trade in on a Chev Captiva – I am still waiting.

Over the next few days I went shopping for a trade in and eventually decided on a Toyota Verso.

The trade was concluded on 1 November.

On 3 November, one of the staff from the dealer where I traded the Zafira in, went to Durban and back in the Zafira and on the return trip near the town of Harrismith (approximately half way back), the Zafira’s water pump packed in.

I wrote and informed the Ombudsman about this.

He never replied.

This matter is now closed but preserved here for anybody that is interested in purchasing a 1.9cdti Opel / Vauxhaul / Holden Zafira and most probably a Fiat with the same engine.

Lets see what quality Toyota have given me.


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